Cheese is “the curd of milk separated from the whey and pressed into solid mass”. It is a fermented product made from curd obtain from milk by coagulating the casein with the help of rennet or similar enzymes in the presence of lactic acid produced by added or adventitious microbes, which has been shaped in and then ripened by holding it for sometime at suitable temperature and humidity. Cheese flavour and aroma change depending upon the microorganism being used in it. It have high content of fat, protein, calcium and vitamin than the milk.

They also have longer shelf life than milk. There are three type of cheese hard cheese, semi-hard cheese and soft cheese depending upon there moisture content. Hard cheese posses a distinctive crystalline structure and has an intense flavour. Hard cheese have high shelf life because it content approx. 39% of water than semi-hard cheese and soft cheese. For e.g- cheddar cheese and swiss cheese. Semi-hard cheese have high moisture content than hard cheese approx. 39-50%. For e.g- Havarti cheese and mozzarella cheese. Soft cheese have less shelf life than hard cheese and consumed within a month, because it contain approx. 50-80% water. For e.g – cottage cheese, cream cheese, brie cheese and camembert cheese.